Working for Life

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About Me

Anne Carmichael, 
Executive Officer/VP
Vitae Foundation
What an honor and privilege it's been for me to be working with the Vitae Foundation for nearly a decade now.  Working alongside folks like Vitae's past President Carl Landwehr, I was able to hit the ground running and help implement one of Vitae’s largest ($2 million) “attitude changing” campaigns to date that had significant national impact.  In 2009, I pushed through an aggressive ad campaign directing pregnant women in need to Greater Kansas City area Pregnancy Help Centers offering free support services.  That life-saving campaign has just finished its 5th year and has saved over 1,000 babies.  In 2007 I was blessed to move the organization into Vitae’s largest strategic planning effort.   Working to save lives has been more than rewarding.  It is a wonderful thing to have such a strong working relationship with our donors.  I'm pleased to know that I was able to help direct upwards of $4 million of funding to Vitae through organizational development.

In 2011 I reached out to the National LIFE Runners Team, the largest pro-life team of runners and walkers who are now working with Vitae in a ground-breaking effort to accelerate and expand Vitae’s messaging reach.  As a member of the executive staff and second in command, I assist Vitae's President Dr. Pat Castle with implementation of his vision to take Vitae’s research and messaging (the Intel Chip of the pro-life movement) to the next level crushing the abortion mindset and causing a cultural change. 
I am a past lobbyist/community organizer for the Missouri Catholic Conference, the public policy arm of the Catholic Church in Missouri. While there, I played a lead role in the passage of the partial-birth abortion legislation including the successful override of the Governor’s veto—which was only the 7th in Missouri’s history. As the first Executive Director for Missouri Right to Life (the state’s largest and oldest pro-life organization), I was able grow their chapters by 30 percent, increased awareness of the issue by blazing a trail with pro-active press briefings which included developing strong relationships with local reporters, as well as helping to lead strategy development and implementation for electing the most pro-life candidates, making Missouri a recognized leader among other states during that period. 

I'm honored to serve on the National LIFE Runners board of directors (VP of Communications) and a LIFE Runners Devotions author.  By the hand of God, I have finished six half’s and 1 full marathon with our team. Through the support of my wonderful husband of 30+ years I was able to earn a B.S. in business management from William Woods University (summa cum laude).  I am a life-long member of St. Peter Catholic Church, Jefferson City - (My dad worked a second job at 2 am each day to pay for the Catholic education for me and my 5 siblings).  I write a blog, Running for Life, which has had a readership that spanned 88 countries and managed social media for Vitae - taking it from 700 to 30,000+ fans (Facebook).   The honors along the way are from several organizations including Zonta International; International Biographical Centre; Marquis Who’s Who; and Outstanding Young Women of America. You only live life once so you better make it count.  Make it a great day! 

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