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Air Force Marathon
Sept 20, 2014
Dayton, Ohio
Registered and Training Underway

AF Marathon Course

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      My 2012 (first) Marathon Race Stats and Info

Stats from my last marathon (St. Louis Rock and Roll)
October 21, 2012

  • My Longest Run (3 weeks before race): 20 miles
  • Money raise for charity: $3,345
  • Most Miles Logged in One Week42
  • Fastest Pace I Ran While Training: 8 minute mile
  • Hottest day of training run: 102 degrees
  • Cross Training: Cycling sometimes to and from my office
  • Average Pace During Training: 13 minute mile
  • Race Day Breakfast: Protein Bar, Banana, Coffee, Water, Vitamins
  • Total Miles Logged  Since April Pre and Official Training: 526
  • Illnesses During Training: 2 colds, 2 UTI’s, exercise induced bronchial spasm
  • Injuries: 0
  • St. Louis Rock and Roll Finishers: 1,900 Full and 9,500 Half Marathoners.
  • Women’s Division Marathon Finishers that were 50+: 79
  • Number of Estimated Steps to Finish Marathon: 42,000
  • Race Recovery: Best yet.  Very little swelling.  Sore/stiff – toes took a beating. 
  • Marathon Fun Fact: Running...foot impact on ground is 4 x your body weight.
  • Favorite Mantra/Scripture: Anything is possible through Christ Who Strengthen’s Me

My Team:
 The National LIFE Runners.

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Official Race Day Photos
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