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2011 Half Marathon  

More Magazine / Fitness Magazine Women's Half-Marathon/April 3, 2011 / 13.1 Miles / 8:00 a.m. / Central Park /

Here comes the largest "women only" half marathon in the U.S.

It was another great experience for me while I'm still not very fast and had to walk 1.5 miles, I finished a little over 3 hours which is much better than last years time.  I'm so thankful though at age 49, that I'm able to participate in a half marathon...and finish.  Click here to read more about the race.

The Recovery

Immediately After:   Hot, sore, dehydrated, exhausted, happy
         After 1 Day:   Extremely sore, tired, hungry, happy      
          After 1 Week:   Some swelling in feet and ankles, tired, 2 black toe nails - bruised from hitting top of shoe (toes so hot, nail polish more than 2 weeks old, rubbed off onto socks...keeping socks as a reminder of how hard my feet had to work that day).  Hung medal with last years in my kitchen put all my race/trip memorabilia away...time to move on.

The Pre-Race

30 minutes till start of race

Click here for The Course

Below are the miles, rise and average grade for the two toughest hills in Central Park (Harlem Hill and Cat Hill). 

Harlem Hill – Central Park




Cat Hill, Central Park East Drive




Picking up race day number and at
Today Show taping day before race.

Me with More Magazine staff at Today Show
- I was determined to get my sign on TV that had message to Jim and Alex on it...

There are my socks with nail polish from toes that rubbed off during half marathon see my blog for details- feet pretty hot...also card I gave out to new friends I met at half marathon and activities.  Sorry, I didn't want the World to have my address...

Parish Newsletter ran article about my half marathon experience.

See Video Footage and News Briefs from Race

Link: 8th Annual More/Fitness Half Marathon

Clip from The View and Elisabeth Hasselbeck About Race Day

NY1 News Footage on Pre-Race

The Insider Short Clip of Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Race

Participant Video from Race Day

More/fitness Magazine's Half Marathon Facebook Page

The New York Daily News

Thats Fit Article on Race

Other Blogs About The Race

The Training

Watch a clip of 9 mile run March 12, 2011

This pic is after 10 mile run March 19, 2010
Ran from home to Capitol and 2.5 miles beyond to make it an even 10.  Averaged 14 minute miles. 

Click Here to visit my blog see more about the training. 

The Research

Below is a book that I used last year.  Great info...also other suggested reading from

Click here for half marathon
tips, tricks and whatever


New York City Marathon 2011

The Tools

Calculators for Calories Burned and Other Tool

Pace Calculator

Mapping Tool for Walking, Running and Bike Routes

7 Mile Capitol Walk/Run 

Fitness Magazine

Great Training Plan for Marathon Newbies

Local Trails in Jefferson City 

 Local Trails in Jefferson City
Binder Park
     12.75 miles
Edgewood Drive (adjacent to Greenway)
     2.3 miles
Runge Nature Trails
Trail Name Trail Type Length
Naturescape Trail Disabled-Accessible Trail  0.30 
Raccoon Run Spur  Hiking (Interpretive)  0.10 
Raccoon Run Trail  Hiking (Non-Interpretive)  0.90 
Bluestem Ridge Trail  Hiking (Non-Interpretive)  0.30 
Moss Rock Trace Trail  Hiking (Non-Interpretive)  0.30 
Towering Oak Trail  Hiking (Non-Interpretive)  0.50 

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