2010 first half marathon
The Training

Here I am two months into training which

started January 4th.  Running in the cold winter

months takes additional motivation to get you

out the door.  Never took track and generally

not a runner.  Had to see if I had what it took.

At the MO State Capitol after 10 mile stretch. 

That was my longest run in 80 degree heat. 

I did last half mile inside the building to help

me cool down.  This was two weeks prior to


The Half Marathon

The half marathon was April 25, 2010.  Click here to see the start of race clip. There were more than 10,000 women who registered  and paid entry fees of $65.00.  Registration closed February 11, 2010 due to the high number of registrations received with payment.  Of the 10,000, 6,370 finished the race.  There were 70 women who finished after me and then another 3,680 that were either unable to finish or finished after the 4 hour time limit.  This pic above is courtesy of racepacejess.com  Read her excerpt on the race.

Very cool medal!  The front says, MORE/fitness Women's HALF MARATHON.  The back says, 13.1 MILES CENTRAL PARK NYC 4.25.10 NEW YORK ROAD RUNNERS.

Thanks to all of my family and friends that made this a reality!  It takes a lot of support to move someone from 0 to 100 and in this case, across the finish line.  Also a special thanks to everyone who contributed to Vitae Foundation on behalf of my half marathon effort.  Cash and commitments came to $1000.  

and now for the rest of the story...

This is my favorite picture of all from the race.  I see the finish line within about 30 feet after coming around a turn.  I'm passing by Jim and Alex here after 13 grueling miles and I just got through waving at them and now am facing forward to finish the race - I think it was my best moment aside from crossing the finish line.  I ran the last mile even with the severe knee pain from injury, iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) and frozen by cold and soaking rain.  The runner who came in second, was a 4 time Olympic medalist who was treated for hypothermia after the race, along with many others.  The temp was 37 and rain soaked us to the bone before we even started - then continued through most of race.  Since this was my first half marathon, with no other official time recorded, I started in the last corral on the track.  So unless I ran really hard, I was not going to finish ahead of the 9,000 others that started ahead of my group.  That didn't bother me because my competitor was myself...I just wanted to finish and within the time limit. 

On my way over to Central Park the morning of the half marathon, I was so nervous I told Jim and Alex to go over later.  I needed to get my thoughts together and focus.  Several girls, much younger than me were also walking over.  They were walking at a faster pace too - it was raining and cold already.  I felt I was maybe in over my head - maybe bit off more than I could really manage.  When I got to the park, I was then directed to the baggage drop off and then back to the corral where those of us with numbers 9,000 - 10,000 were to start.  I used that 2 mile walk as my warm up for my leg muscles then began doing stretches.  It was a good 45 minutes before we started though and it was hard to keep muscles warm in the cold rain.   I was fearful of causing permanent damage to my body.  What would I do?  How foolish I'd feel... all because I had something to prove to myself.  Then the horn sounded and soon we were off.  

That white hat I was wearing was an after thought just as I was going out the door.  I look terrible in a baseball cap but I didn't care.  Jim suggested I take it along.  It kept the rain out of my face and as Martha Stewart says, "It's a good thing."  I had three layers of clothes on under that green jacket and still froze.  My Garmin gps watch malfunctioned after being covered by my rain drenched sleeve.  The Ipod I so carefully loaded with specific music for running, gave out 4 miles from the finish because of the wet armband that covered it.  Towards the end of the race, my fingers were so cold they wouldn't bend to get things out of pouch or pocket.  Alex handed me the gloves you see me wearing at the 6 mile marker.  They became rain soaked like everything else but it was another layer though which helped.  The rain and cold caused me to stop for more bathroom breaks which ate into my time.  My shoes were still soaked three days after event.  If I look a little delirious in this pic...I was - just finished and received medal.  I don't think I've ever looked worse but didn't care...I finished the race.  Since that day, I've finished 5 more half's and 1 full marathon.

Just finished first lap around Central Park - 6 miles.  The most beautiful park in the U.S. I love Central Park and this race caused me to see portions of it I had not been to before in the other 3 trips we've made there.  

Heading to the finish line...cold, stiff and in pain, but relieved I made it through.  There were parts of the race where I felt very isolated and alone - I used those moments again for prayer and visualized my family and friends running and walking with me.  My mom and dad have both passed on several years back.  Both were strong and dynamic individuals  - I always hoped I could be at least half the person they each were.  I know they were with me through it all.    

An unofficial video of the event that one of the participants loaded onto youtube.

Another unofficial video of the event.

Official video of More Magazine/Fitness Magazine 2010 Half Marathon

The Results

More/fitness Half-Marathon Statistical Data

Distance:  13.1 Miles, 21.1 Kilometers
Date/Time:  April 25, 2010, 8:00 am
Location:  Central Park, NYC
Weather:  37 Deg. 90% Hum. Wind 5 MPH, Rain.    
Total Finishers:  Men – 0    Women – 6373    Total – 6373

     Here We Come...the largest women only half marathon in U.S. - 2010



Running for Life 

Life Lessons

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